Tips for Board Exams Preparation

Follow these tips and tricks in your board exams to keep your 100%.

1. Read and understand the question paper

The question papers are distributed 15 minutes before the exam. In these 15 minutes, a student needs to understand all the questions. A student should thoroughly and slowly read all the questions. Also, keep in mind the marks which question carries and also revise the answers to the question in mind.

2. Prioritize the questions you are going to attempt

Once you have gone through the question paper, start prioritizing the questions you are going to attend first. Start with the questions which you are very confident in answering.

Skip the questions which you have doubt or you don’t remember but keep in mind that you have to also attend those questions at the last don’t worry about the tough questions but rather concentrate on the questions which carry more marks.

3. Time management

Once you have factorized the questions you are going to attend the next income is time management since you have three hours off for completing the whole question paper divide the three r’s in the different sections make sure to keep the last 15 minutes for revising

the whole answer sheet also keep extra time for completing the diagrams and other flow charts as far as the subject needs

4. Speed and accuracy

The next thing that is most important is the speed and accuracy of your answers. You need to maintain the speed of your handwriting as well as the quality of your answers.

5. Full concentration

A concentration is a must for important exams like boards. Keep practicing meditation from a few months from your board. This will help you concentrate even more than on exams.

6. Positivity and confidence in mind

No matter how tough the question paper is just remembering to maintain the confidence and positivity in your soul. Do not be anxious or frightened as it may lead to silly mistakes.

7. Good handwriting

To gain good marks and impress the invigilator as a student, we need to maintain the quality of the answers as well as the handwriting. Your answer sheet should be very neat and clean and there should not be any cut marks or scribbles.

8. Revising the answers

At last, don’t forget to revise the whole answer sheet in the last 15 minutes. Keep in mind to check the numbering of the answers.

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