How to Watch Football Live?

Are you a soccer fan? Did you spend countless nights watching EPL or FIFA, skipping college the very next day.

Well now our busy schedule denies us the pleasure of watching those matches anytime we want on television. However, there are some live streaming applications like Hot Star Live TV APK, live Net TV etc.

which enable us to watch those matches from anywhere, provided we have decent internet connectivity. In this article, we shall discuss 5 best apps from where you can watch football matches live as well as recorded.

Genius TV

This app offers you a number of soccer leagues from where you can choose your favourite. You can either watch pre-recorded matches or even watch them while they are streamed live. From their app, you can get information about upcoming matches, fixtures and soccer standings as well.

The app has a neat user interface where live schedules are presented in a clean manner. The player is also brilliantly coded that supports the high resolution at any moderate network conditions. You can give it a try if you are planning to watch upcoming Argentina vs Brazil match on your phone.


we come to the channel which is well known for broadcasting live matches and all sport related events for decades. The app along with the channel has more than 100 million viewers per month alone in the United States. In the app, you will find many stable channels as well like ESPN2, ESPN Classic etc.

All of them are active for 24 hours in a day, allowing the user to tune in to their favorite match anytime. The best thing about this app? It is free to use. Only it comes with some apps which are impossible to skip.

Live Net Tv

This app is maybe the most popular app for Android users for watching movies, live television and yes, sports as well. If you are a user, you will find more than 700 channels from the Middle East, India, US, Pakistan, and the UK.

There is a clean user interface where you can access your desired content easily. It also supports Chromecast. The best part is, you get all these without paying a single dime. If you love sports, this is one app you should get installed in your mobile.

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