How to Become Miss in India 2021

As a young girl, all of us have dreamt of winning the beauty pageant which is completely natural. The title of beauty pageant is one of the most precious and prestigious titles for a girl. Life changes when a girl is crowned with Miss India title and there is no end to the success and happiness from that spot.

It’s like doing something massive in your life which can entirely change your life. If you really have the daring and dream of becoming Miss India Pageant then this article is going to help you a lot.


There are various specific eligibility criteria that need to be clarified to win and become Miss India Pageant. Some critical criteria are given below.

  • It should be between the age of 18 to 25 years to participate in the Miss India contest.
  • Minimum height of 5 inches and 3 feet is required without heels that would help you to participate in the contest. Below this height, you will not be entitled to participate in the competition.
  • To show that you are an Indian citizen do you need to you have an Indian passport for proof.
  • The current affairs of the country should be covered and you need have a good general knowledge about it.
  • Apart from all of these requirements, a candidate should be very prompt with their answers. They should be very fluent in languages like Hindi and English and should be answering all the questions with confidence.
  • Confidence is the next important personality trait that needs to be adorned by a candidate who wants to participate in the Miss India pageant.


We have already listed about all the basic requirements and qualifications one needs to become and participate in the necessity of peasant, but now we are going to discuss the skills which are must for becoming Miss India.

  • Communication skill is firstly the most essential criteria for becoming Miss India. One should have excellent communication skills as these skills will be required by interacting with people in the contest.
  • Pleasing appearance is the second most important factor. You need not just to be smart but also trendy with an attractive personality.
  • Confidence aided by an outspoken personality is another addition.
  • Good information about the current affairs happening in our country and the recent news and developments should be updated by a candidate.


After the skills and basic requirements and eligibility now we are coming to the tools that are very essential for becoming Miss India. Let’s know about them.

The first and the foremost trait you need to develop and give stress to to the personality development. A candidate who wants to become Miss India should have a bright and a bold look. You should never feel that you are ineligible for the contest, and you should have good confidence and trust on yourself.

Your attitude should match as if you are successful and your personality should be attractive. If possible, then enroll yourself to one of the personality development centers that will help you and guide you in the best possible manner. There are also various personality development courses which in short period of time that can help you grow your persona.

The next important thing is to focus on your health and figure. A candidate should dedicate themselves to remaining fit and have and should have a good diet. If needed, you can also consult a Dietitian that can guide you throughout and help you follow a strict timetable. Reasonable consumption of fruits and fluids is very necessary to keep yourself healthy and fit.

The next essential step for keeping your health fit is to join a yoga center. The whole contest involves a lot of mental pressure which needs to be relieved, in which yoga will help you a lot. You can join one of the yoga centers that will provide you with motivational health and will also keep your mind and attitude positive. Staying positive and keeping all the negative thoughts of a will induce good Vibes into your body and will keep your personality up to the point.


There are various institutes which are present in our country that give you culture in the contest to help your personality become better. You have to join one of these growing centers to prepare yourself for the contest. This training Institute provides you with a lot of knowledge and skill development with makeup personality health modelling etc.

If you join one of the premium institutes in our country, then you can also have a chance to meet the contestants and reputed beauticians. The best thing about these institutions is that the experienced faculty as well as the contestants will guide you.

Below we are listing some of the best institutes which are currently in our country.

Style bee Academy

VLCC Institute of beauty and nutrition

The Tiara Pageant Training Studio

The Refinery-Pageant Training Academy

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