How To Become A Cricketer in India

Cricket is one of the games which is loved by most Indians. Remember while you were a child and used to watch the world cup and your family would cheer for your team. The zeal and enthusiasm behind cricket can be felt in the atmosphere while the game is being played.

Many of us have dreamed to transform this zeal and enthusiasm into a professional career. If you ask someone like that, then you are at the right place. If you do not just love watching the game but also love playing it and have a passion for it then keep on reading this article as we are going to tell you how to become a cricketer.


One of the most essential and crucial steps towards becoming a cricketer is by joining a cricket academy in your place. A good academic can take you to greater heights, and hence it is significant to choose a good academy as well as a good coach. Learning with a professional coach will help you get exposure and learn the game.

Along with daily self-practice, devoting time to effective tips and tricks learning is very essential. Joining the right cricket academy will help you display your strength in a better way. Also, the competitive nature of the teammates and the professional atmosphere of the academy will help you perform better each day.


Coaches are not just ones who teach you and support you with the sport but also push you beyond the limits so that you can find your hidden talents. And that is the reason why the cordial relationship between a cricket player and their coach can be seen clearly on tv and other places.

An experienced coach can take you to greater heights. It is necessary that while selecting your coach, you go through all the backgrounds and decide whom to choose. Retired cricketers often take up jobs as coaches in academies or independently to teach children.


The next step after clearing the basics of the academy and learning from the coach is to join a professional team. To kick-start your career in professional cricket you need to start playing with the professional team which can be the school or college team. They will give you the upper hand in that situation and will help you with cricket tournaments.


Once you start playing for a club or team, make sure you join tournaments and play across the country. Start by playing inter-school matches in two colleges or more and then along with teams you can play state-level matches, district-level matches, etc.

To make your way to the Indian cricket team it is necessary that you become a professional cricketer in a highly competitive team, for example, you can play for the Ranji trophy as it is one of the most prestigious tournaments and trophies. After playing for Ranji’s trophy, there are greater chances that you can make it to the Indian team.


All the members who actively participate in cricket have a team along with their national team. It is very essential for you to become a member of the team to make your way to the National cricket team of your country. Although it is not a mandatory step. The players who perform well at the national level 1 are given chance to perform a part in the team.

One can also work in a franchise and become a part of leaves that are organized in the various countries to explore the options of being a player. There are various leagues which are held, some of them being the IPL India, country cricket England, BBL Australia, etc. But before becoming a part of it, keep on checking the guidelines by BCCI.


By prerequisites, we mean what are the skills one needs to possess to make a career in cricket. Below we are going to put a few of the three liquids which are very essential to become a cricketer at the national level.


We cannot put more light into this world as it’s only and only practice that can unleash the real potential of a person, and it is the practice that makes a person capable of being a cricketer at professional level.


It’s not just about loving the sport but also knowing the basics of it, such as the knowledge of various equipment which are used in cricket, the scientific terms, the rules, and regulations, etc.


Just playing the game is not enough as one needs to know their strong points and weaknesses. Knowing what are your strong points are very essential in this game as it will help you with practice and in other improving them.


The last thing for becoming a cricketer is to keep believing in yourself. In the history of Indian cricket, there have been many players who have emerged as the stars but many who kept fighting with the odds. Keep patience and persistence and keep on working hard and believing in yourself to achieve your dreams.

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