Career Options After 12th (PCB)


As the name suggests biotechnology combines both the aspects of Biology as well as Technology. In this field, the biological cells and living organisms are used in various industrial processes. Biotechnology involves a lot of subjects which has many job opportunities in the coming years.

One can get into pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, air-based Industries, animal husbandry, nutrition, teaching, environmental conservation, etc.


Biochemistry combines the science of chemistry as well as biology. It studies all the chemical reactions inside a living organism. Improving the process of photosynthesis in a plant or production of new chemicals as biofuel are some of the works of biochemists.

The opportunities in this field are forensic scientist, Healthcare scientist, Pharmaceutical sales, patient care coordinator, lab assistant, teacher, professor, etc.


Genetics is a very interesting field that involves the study of the cells, chromosomes, genes, heredity, etc. There are various job opportunities which include geneticist, cytogeneticist, forensic DNA analyst, medical Technologist, pharmacologist, etc.


Physiology is the subject that involves all the bodily functions and activities of the cells in the living organism. Physiologists specifically study the organs, anatomy, muscles, etc. There are various branches of physiology such as cellular physiology, microbial physiology, plant physiology, etc.

The career options from this field are biomedical scientists, sports physiologists, researchers, plant physiologist, teachers, etc.


Agriculture is another best option which comes after medical. These days most of the students are running towards this field. This field has numerous government jobs as well as private jobs.

You can complete the BSC MSC and Ph.D. in various subjects in agriculture. You can become an entrepreneur, a seed company manager, a scientist, a professor, a book writer, etc.


Microbiology is another field of bio in which there is an in-depth study of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, etc. There is an investigation about the beneficial microorganisms as well as the harmful ones.

Microbiology has a lot of scope in upcoming days as one can become a clinical researcher, scientist, lab assistant, professor, one can join pharmaceuticals, Food Industry, and beverage industry.


With the rise in population nowadays it is very necessary for environmental scientists to come up and save the environment. Environmental science deals with all the physical, chemical and biological components of nature. They need to study the various problems in our nature such as ozone depletion, greenhouse effect, rising pollution endangered animals, etc.

The job opportunities include becoming a researcher, administrative work in the department of agriculture, forestry, etc.

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