Best Time Table for Study Before Exam

Hey guys, are you preparing for your upcoming examination, and you want a perfect timetable to prepare for your exam? If yes then you are on the perfect website because here I have brought for you a proper timetable to prepare for your exam.

In this timetable, you will get time to take breaks, to catch up with your friends, to take a nap. So this article is going to be very important and helpful for you and you, so should read the blog till the end. So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Best Time Table for Study Before Exam

Morning at 5:30 AM:-

Guys, during your exam days, you have to wake up at 5:30 AM and get fresh. Once you get fresh have a fruit or some dry fruits. Dry fruits or fruit are not only beneficial to provide nutrition but also have natural sugar that will help you to give you energy and boost your mind.

Morning at 6 AM:-

Early morning is the most energetic time that’s why you should start your study with the most difficult subject. And you have to read your tough subject for 2 hours long.

But if you want then you can take a break for 10 minutes after 1 hour of reading. And in this break time, you can do stretch and exercise.

Morning at 8 AM:-

After completing 2 hours of reading keep your books aside and take a break for 1.5 hours. In this break time, you can hydrate yourself and consume breakfast, remember that your breakfast should contain proteins and complex carbohydrates.

You may know that protein is very essential to keep our body healthy. That’s the reason you should keep in mind to take enough protein in your exam days. If I mention some examples of protein then it could be egg white, milk, curd, sprouts, oats, dalia, and many more.

Morning at 9:30 AM:-

At this time, you can take a mock test from any subject you have studied in the morning. But you have to pretend like you are giving a real exam and you have to try to solve your paper within the time you spend in the exam.

I have taken 2 hours for this task but you can set the time according to the time you are getting in the exam. After the mock exam take a break and have some fun.

12:30 PM:-

Now you check out the paper and mark where you did mistakes. After finding out the mistakes revise them again and this task will be a game-changer for you.

1:30 PM:-

After resolving the mistakes it’s time to keep everything aside and have lunch. In your lunch, you have to take protein, vegetables, curd, dal, etc.

2:30 PM:-

At this time, you will feel very sleepy and that’s why I will recommend you to read that book which is your favorite. Because when you will read your favorite book you will enjoy that reading and you will not fall asleep.

Here you have to read for 2 hours but you can take a break in the middle at 3:30 PM.

4:30 PM:-

At this time take a break and go for a walk or meet with your friends but don’t talk about other topics with your friends. You can clear your confusion by discussing it with your friends.

5:30 PM:-

Now read a new subject or a new topic from the book you were reading. Keep reading for two hours by taking a break in the middle.

7:30 PM:-

At 7:30 you have to take your dinner. And here you will get 1 hour of time.

8:30 PM:-

Now take a new subject or new topic and read for 1.5 hours.

10 PM:- 

Now go to bed and take proper sleep of 7.5 hours. Remember that sleep is most important to properly function your mind and to boost your memory power.

So, this was the time table for study before exam. And that’s all for today see you soon in the next blog, till then best of luck.

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