Best Career Options After 12th

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The majority of students complete their education in the arts stream each year. Students who choose to study the arts are taught to develop competence and inquisitive abilities. The main advantage of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in arts is that people do not need to have studied arts in high school; they can come from any experience, including science, commerce, or the arts.

Students who successfully complete their higher education in the arts can even study for civil service exams, banking (PO), and accountant. However, it is critical to pick the correct subject since if one does not, they may not be able to obtain the highest-paying employment. There are several possibilities available to students, but it is critical to select the appropriate degree and field for yourself. In this blog career options after 12th has been covered.

Bachelors in Arts (B.A)

This is a three-year full-time programme. It is a sociology, literature, and fine arts bachelor course. Economics, geography, history, philosophy, media, communication, and meteorology are some of the specialities available, with certain disciplines as majors and others as options.

BA is among the most frequent courses pursued by undergraduates of the arts. This requires a high level of adaptability, cultural knowledge, reasoning skills, effective communication, and analytical abilities. Students with a bachelor’s degree in arts may pursue careers in flying, travel, hospitality, banking, news and entertainment, and administration.

B.A + L.L.B

If you want to land a job in law after the 12th, this might be the greatest option for you. Bachelor of arts with law integration, as the name indicates. This incorporation will take 5 years to complete. The most significant benefit of studying this course is the ability to achieve double degrees in a single program.

The curriculum is planned in such a manner that students would learn both the Bachelors of Arts and the LLB degree. You will study criminal law, corporation or corporate law, evidential law, environmental policy, and civil procedural code (CPC). Because LLB requires a bachelor’s degree, this is the best alternative for a 5-year integrated course.

Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication

The bachelors of journalism and mass communication is a three-year undergraduate degree. This is a comprehensive degree with six semesters. The course covers a wide range of topics, including broadcast, commercials, television production and screenwriting, media platforms, cinema research, media law and ethics, and management services.

The course requires students to build appropriate domain expertise of journalism and mass communications, as well as to determine its aspects and applications. This degree seeks to develop socially conscious professionals who are data-driven and have strong communication abilities. This course brings up great opportunities for people who seek interest in the field of media and entertainment sector. Moreover, this field is very dynamic in nature and also very interesting.

Bachelors in Fashion Designing

After high school, a bachelor’s degree in fashion design is one of the top employment options. This is a three to four year graduate programme developed for individuals who want to work in the fashion sector. This continues the current style and teaches enthusiasts how to design clothing, art, footwear, and accessories, among other things.

This curriculum is better suited for students who have an original mind and market talents such as creative sensibilities, global outlook, colour palette awareness, embroidery, and so much more. They can work as a fashion advisor, textile design, sales representative, clothing pattern supervisor, and so on.

Bachelors in Hotel Management

Bachelors of Hotel Management is among the greatest post-secondary employment options. Bachelors in Hotel Management is a three to four year degree course that offers students about hospitality. This course includes topics such as hospitality, event organization, and the food and beverage business. Graduates are schooled in communication skills, negotiating skills, interpersonal skills, and customer care abilities throughout the course. After the 12th, it is among the most popular courses.

Event Management

If you haven’t selected one or more of those courses to take. You should consider doing Event Management because it is one of the better options after the 12th. Music, entertainment, economics, and sports have all become major parts of our life. This is a three-year full-time curriculum. A degree in management will prepare you to be a great event planner. This will assist you with developing abilities in the areas of event planning, program management, research, and marketing. Event managers are in growing market in today’s market.

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