Apple Airpods Pro Vs Galaxy Buds Live

Apple Airpods Pro Vs Galaxy Buds Live——Samsung has recently launched its new TWS earbuds on Wednesday. This product is launched to challenge the current TWS king of the market the Airpods Pro. This article is about the comparison between the two earbuds, which one will be best for you? Both the headphones are equipped with features like ANC (active noise cancellation). The main distinguishing feature among the two is their designs. These earbuds carry different design languages.

Apple Airpods Pro Vs Galaxy Buds Live- Specifications

AirPods Pro Galaxy Beats Live
Battery Life Up to 4.5 hours with ANC,
Maximum 5 hours without ANC
Up to 6 hours with ANC,
Maximum 8 hours without ANC
Quick Charge 1-hour use for 5 min charge 1-hour use for 5 min charge
Water Resistance IPX4 IPX2
Controls Force Stem Touch controls
Noise Cancellation ANC & ambient listening mode ANC
Fit Customized oval ear tips,
three sizes
Two wingtip sizes
Weight 5.4g 5.6g
Speaker Custom high-excursion Apple driver,
Custom high dynamic range amplifier
12mm speaker with
Sound by AKG
Microphones 1 outer,
1 inner
2 outer,
1 inner
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0

Apple Airpods Pro Vs Galaxy Buds Live- The Designs

If you have seen the 1st generation Airpods then you can find resemblance with the Airpods Pro. Obviously the design has been changed completely but the stem is still there and is shorter. The area that goes into your ears is now fitted with silicon ear-tips which ensures greater fit and isolation. The Airpods have vents that ensure no air gets compressed into your ear.

The Galaxy Buds Live sports the most unique design language. It has a bean-like structure that goes completely into your ear and fits perfectly. In our testing, we felt that the Galaxy Buds live fits more robustly than the Airpods Pro. The Galaxy Buds live are made to sit perfectly inside the ear folds. Both the earbuds give the same level of comfort while using.

Apple Airpods Pro Vs Galaxy Buds Live-Charging cases

Both the earbuds have charging cases in which they resided when they are not in use. These charging cases charge these buds when they sit inside the charging case. The charging case of Airpods pro is a bit wider and thinner whereas the charging case of the Galau buds live is a square-shaped box. The charging case of the Galaxy buds live feels a bit smaller. For battery life, the Samsung galaxy buds live claims about 21 hours of battery backup with the charging case and the Airpods Pro, claims 24 hours of battery backup with the charging case.

Apple Airpods Pro Vs Galaxy Buds Live

Apple Airpods Pro Vs Galaxy Buds Live- Noise cancellation

Both the earbuds come equipped with active noise cancellation technology as mentioned earlier. The approah of cancelling noise if different in these two buds. The Samsung galaxy buds live cancells the lower frequency like the buzzing sound AC, fans etc where as the Airpods Pro cancells the higer frequency noise. The Airpods Pro supports ambient sound mode which enbles you to hear sound from the background when the ANC is activated. This feature is not avavilable in Galaxy Buds Live as you can naturally hear sound from the background even when the ANC is turned on. Thus Airpods provided better sound isolation from thr galaxy buds live.

Sound Quality and Audio

Apple Airpods uses their own high-excrusion, low-distortion speaker driver which gives a rich experience. Although you can’t expect audiophile experience from these earbuds but the sound signature for sure will sooth every ear out there. These are not base heavy and give a balanced output with the help of their adaptive EQ.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have a 12mm large driver by AKG. Because of their large driver size the bass response is quite good on these. You will get deep bass fromt these earbuds. These don’t include any adaptive EQ so you have to tweak them manually as per your need. The sound is really commendable at that price point.

The microphone on the Airpods pro is just among the best in the market right now. The sound reception is spot on and the person on the other side of the phone will hear you right.

The microphone on the Galaxy buds live is also good but they are not as good as in the Airpods pro. Although the person on the other side of the phone will also hear you right. They are good in comparison to the buds of samsung of previous version.


These two earbuds are both commendable in their own way. If you want the best ANC , the best sound and audio and your budget is also not tight then you can surely go with the Airpods Pro but if your budget is not as high than Galaxy buds live is your choice. You can check the product by clicking on these links.

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