5 Career Option for math student

Here are the Top 5 career options in which a student of maths subject can look upon.


Engineering involves solving real-life mathematical and physical issues. There are various branches of Engineering such as mechanical, Electrical computer science, etc. Engineering has been in demand for the past few years but it also leads to unemployment.

So make sure if you are choosing for engineering then the degree should be completed from a well-reputed college of India. Indian Institute of Technology is the government institution that ranks top for engineering in India. Hard work and patience are required to excel in this field.

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This is one of the most obvious jobs which every math student prepares for. The bank needs students who are very efficient in maths. There are many private and government sectors that have scope for banking. So there is no restriction for the employment demands. With the rising population, these demands are also rising.

The career option is very wide starting from retail banking to corporate sector banking. Also, their pay rates are high and keep on increasing with the promotions and your hard work.

Chartered Accountant

This is one of the most lucrative jobs for people who are pursuing maths. One can become a chartered accountant who has a very high pay rate and respect in society. Although it’s not just math that is needed for becoming a chartered accountant. Every firm needs a chartered account to work.

There are various skills that one needs to learn and gain for becoming so. One needs to pass a three Level Examination for becoming a CA. Once you have cleared the exam, the training and experience will lead you to a professional level.


Meteorology is another career option that involves the study of weather and climate. Not many people know about this career. This field involves working with piles of data and collecting them, analyzing them, working on the satellites, etc. It is not just a scientific job but is also very interesting.

Data Analyst

A career as a data analyst is a high scope nowadays. For becoming a data analyst, one needs to have a strong command over machine language, mathematics, statistics, programming, etc.

These jobs offer high paying rates, good working conditions, and the environment. Almost every company today needs a data analyst to perform better. Keep in mind that good knowledge and skills are very much required to excel in this field.

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