Best Health Insurance Plan

Without proper research, choosing a health insurance plan that suits you. your family and their needs can be a very hectic task.

With more than 25 health insurance companies in India, finding a company that fulfills all your healthcare needs can be a tiresome process. So here we are with our latest article on the Best Health Insurance plan available in our India. Keep on reading the article to know more.


If you want to cover the health of your family with a single sum, then Family Floater Policy can be a very good option. With this policy, all the members of the family can avail benefits of the health insurance that too by paying a single annual premium. There are many companies in our country such as Reliance Health infinity, Aditya Birla infinity plan, ICICI Lombard complete health insurance plan, Star Health Family optima plan, Max Bupa Health companion, Star Health comprehensive plan, etc. You can also get plan offers such as additional cover that boost the sum insured up to 30 lakh for enhanced protection and more time feature where the policyholder can extend the coverage based on the policy period in force.


With rising levels of diseases such cancer, kidney failure, stroke, etc, it becomes a need of time to have specific critical illness insurance. With this insurance one can deal with life-threatening critical illnesses with the financial support of insurance. Care critical illness insurance plan, SBI critical illness insurance plan, Max criticare Health Insurance plan, Reliance critical illness plan, etc are some of the best companies available in our country. There are various features which this company provide you such as:-

  • Daily Hospital cash
  • Lump-sum money payment upon diagnosis of any listed 30 critical illnesses, etc.


The top or the super top up health plans are plans that are made to increase your health insurance cover. In another way, we can say that it is a cost-effective way to increase the cover. You can use these plans when the base health cover is exhausted, and you need to top up. HDFC EGRO My Health medicine super top up, Max Bupa Health charge super top up, Star super surplus insurance policy, etc are some of the best top up plans available in our country right now. Some features of these plans are:-

  • May covers all family members including your parents in laws, etc.
  • One can also avail discounts and loyalty addition of 5% on sum insured per year with maximum up to 50%.

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